Time management shows a vast amount in an individual’s life. Personal time management is an essential skill to have as it depicts your professionalism, respect for one’s self, respect to others’ time and is of value to your workplace and team. From the standpoint of a web developer, what does that mean for you as a client or as the developer?

              Speaking from experience it can be frustrating and tiresome being on one project or conversing about the same thing for a long period of time. Waiting on deliverables only to find out questions are being asked that were to be discovered at step one. Personally, I know that all too well and that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Imagine waiting for a project for nine (9) months that you have given the color scheme and additional information for, then to be told that the color scheme given would not work with your image and no prior conversations, bitter taste.

              So as to ensure both clients and developers time is spared there are discussions that are to be held at the beginning showing mutual respect and understanding in ones’ time. Conjunction needs to be met where the development team and the client know exactly what is been done on a project and there is complete transparency.  In having complete transparency and the conjunction to be met the first two (2) communication will be the longest. If you have read the previous article titled Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Potential Developer will detail the areas that need to be cover before a client of a developer puts pen to paper or finger to keyboard.

              So as to ensure that the communication does not seem outlandish there are a few questions that we advise you ask to ensure there is a mutual understanding:

  • The functionality of the system 
  • Colors schemes
  • Designs 
  • Delivery date

              The last is never the least. Delivery dates are the cherry on top for any project hence, these are to be taken seriously as we say at Larvation Wed, “If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense”, and, in always we know, “time is money”


Spend your time wisely ensure it yields positive results.