Having a strong representation online for your business present-day is vital. This is so as, research has shown that over 90% of customers research the company before conducting business with such a company. This goes without say, a website can be the most powerful tool for marketing for any company hence, we must ensure that you are equipped with an impactful one from the get-go. 

Being that the development of your business website can be a hand full here are some steps that may help:


  • Create with your customer/prospects/ user in mind:

Ensure your website is easy to find for your prospects and customers, in this, we advise that your domain name describes your business or has the same name as a business.

Ensure your website is easily navigated by your customers and prospects. For the top-level menu in navigation, we ask that you limit that to five and ensure that users have a visible way of getting back to the home page or main page.


  • Ensure your website is responsive:

Your website needs to be able to withstand the change in technology. Our customers use varied operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, … to name a few), these are in various screen sizes. Your customers should be able to be on the go and have access to your business via the website and remember your customers are the greatest stress testers of any system hence, the question to ask yourself is, “what will my customer be looking for when visiting my website?”. 


  • Ensure information is accurate:

This definitely goes without saying, the information that can turn your customers away may be wide raged or far fetch but is vital for you to know. This inaccurate information can change users’ perspective hence damaging your lead generation, this includes but not limited to wrong contact information, outdated product or product information. It is advised that businesses be it large or small update websites as company refreshes.


  • Keep your website design simple:

It is advised that you limit all distractions as best as is possible so as to ensure that needed information is available on the website hence we ask that content be prioritized. Limit the use of multi-colors, gifs and others that can be reserved for that social media pages. Bullets points and short paragraphs also enhance the readability of information on the website.


  • Pictures say a thousand words: 

An interactive website has both contents and media (pictures and videos) these help to give a clearer story of our business. We do advise that you do not do an overuse of stock k photos as this can seem generic and may not give details into your business as needed.


  • Strong Call To Actions:

Call to actions are advised on all pages, ensure your users are constantly reminded of what to do next. This will lead to having your user contacting you or a sale. Your call to action invitation must be clear and direct embedded in a link or button. Your user most definitely should not have to scroll to find a call to action, be inviting.