The growth of social media is undeniable, but that does not mean you have yet had the opportunity to invest the time and effort needed to establish an effective presence on social media. The benefits of optimizing your social media presence will still be well worth the effort, even if you have not yet done so.

Using social media to cultivate your brand has many advantages, such as strengthening your customer service, allowing you to communicate with prospects and customers more directly, helping you attract new customers, and promoting your website.

You can drive business growth through a solid social media strategy by creating lasting and loyal relationships with your customers and prospects.

Why it’s Important?

Businesses that are serious about using social media can easily differentiate themselves from those that are not. It is simply a matter of being competitive in today’s marketplace if they have a social media profile. In the absence of that, they will have no interest in building up their business and brand.

Being successful on social media takes time and effort. Many small business owners struggle to find the time to do everything they need to do. For businesses to take advantage of social media channels effectively, they must find streamlined, efficient ways.

Here are five tips to help you boost your social media presence globally to get targeted, loyal customers.

1. Identify your goal

Businesses can benefit greatly from social media. They can provide customer service, engage customers, generate leads, increase audience, drive sales, increase web traffic, gain valuable insights, and more with a strong social presence on social media.

For these to be accomplished, you’ll need to set a goal that you can work toward because you’ll have to devise a plan to make it happen. For example, when you want to improve customer service, your techniques will be different from driving sales. Knowing your goals will help you to decide what to do.

Setting up your social media profiles according to your goals is important for small business owners. How do you hope to gain awareness on your website? Do you hope to drive traffic there predominantly?

Building up your brand and creating compelling content that drives customers to your site can help you achieve your end goal of generating more customers and more money.

2. Be Active in Engaging Your Audience

The quality of your social media content is paramount, but it’s not enough just to post it. Connecting and engaging with your audience with social media is another way to nurture the relationships you want to build and earn their trust.

You can engage with your audience in a variety of ways, including:

  • Participating in discussions
  • Conversing with others and commenting on posts
  • Information sharing
  • User-generated content (UGC) sharing
  • Questioning and answering
  • Appreciating your customers

3. Consistently communicate with audiences

You should make sure all of your posts are aligned with your brand and image on social media, as this is an excellent tool for establishing your image and building brand recognition.

In addition to the problem, you need to account for each person’s unique personality when posting on social media. This is why it’s important to keep the number of people posting down and ensure everyone is on the same page with the voice and image you want to project.

4. Choose the right platform for you

Business owners must be able to reach out to their audience on social platforms. It is mostly a subject of demographics, type of business, and popularity of social media platforms that determine the right platforms to use.

The age range of Instagram users between 25 and 34 is about 32 percent as of July 2021. If those are your ideal customers, then Instagram is obviously a medium you should prioritize. If you own a visual business, such as an interior design company or an advertising agency, you should certainly use Pinterest.

Create a Pinterest account, but don’t just do so because you think you should. To ensure it aligns with your target market, look at Pinterest’s demographic to ensure the visual elements are appropriate for your company.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are extremely popular, so you should probably be on these channels as well.

5. Consistency is key for your businesses

Social media offers small businesses many ways to succeed, but consistency is crucial to their success. As a result, you should have an editorial calendar to stay on schedule with your postings to assure consistency with your followers.

Keeping your branding and message consistent is also crucial. Keep your humor throughout your speech. Similarly, you should remain polite in professional situations but refrain from taking a harsh stance on political topics.


Use your social media accounts to develop and post each day. The number of followers you will reach and how engaged you will be during a month will significantly increase.

The metrics you want to measure depending on your social media goals, so it’s important to make sure you oversee them so you can ensure you’re on the right track.

It would be wise, for instance, to pay attention to referral traffic coming from your social networks if you wanted to increase traffic to your website.