A good quality web presence will benefit you as a freelancer no matter what your industry is. A freelancer in any field should have a well-designed and clearly spelled-out website. Businesses and professionals will often find it challenging to function effectively without having an online presence in the modern day.

According to Google, it is crucial to be visible to as many people as possible, considering that over 4 billion+ people are connected to the internet. Maintaining a strong online presence is crucial for both freelancers and entrepreneurs alike!

Why is it important?

You can attract many clients to your business if you have a profile on the available freelance platforms, such as Upwork or Fiverr.

However, having a website will be beneficial if you hope to grow your business and achieve success. Your website should be your central hub, from where clients can learn who you are and how you operate. You may offer services on many different platforms, but they all should point back to your central hub, that is, your website.

Potential clients will automatically perceive you as being professional and serious when you have a website. It shows you don’t just work odd jobs to make ends meet. Rather than just building a brand, you’re also building a name.

A good website will benefit any freelancer in multiple ways. This article will explore some of those key ways. Here are 7 reasons why building your own website is a good idea.

1. A Credible Source

Getting the trust of your clients is important for you as a freelancer. There are many freelance platforms like Upwork and fiver out there, but the advantage of having a website is that you can reach out to clients outside these services.

The advantages of having your own website include more freedom and more space to display your work. Your online presence will flourish, and you will have more freedom to introduce yourself.

Customers can review your company on your website, and you can publish their reviews, resulting in you gaining some form of credibility. Other persons seeking the services you offer will be motivated to contact you when they see what others think about you.

2. Branding your personal image

The number of people using the web is approximately 4 billion, so standing out from others is important. The purpose of this is to help you brand yourself.

Take a moment to consider how you will differentiate yourself from other freelancers.  Would your potential clients be willing to work with you if you showed them what you could do?

How will you be remembered for your services and products?

Your personal brand can be enhanced by having a website. It can help you make your business or product more popular since you can showcase what you have to offer. A website that grabs the attention of your visitors can help you stand out from your competition.

3. Database on the internet

To expand your reach and have a solid audience base, you need to be involved with freelance networks and communities. You can’t create a solid community by focusing only on your social presence

Potential clients and visitors will be able to contact you directly through your own website. With this client base, you could create your own revenue stream if the platform you are a part of shuts down.

4. Provide you a professional boost

The presence of a website will give you more credibility with potential clients and boost your professional image. By maintaining a website, potential clients can tell that you are a professional.

Your website is an excellent way to share your thoughts and ideas. You can demonstrate your capabilities to potential clients, and your chances of gaining more contacts will increase if you present yourself as approachable and reachable.

5. You can show your service and price information on your website

You can provide more details about your services on a services page. Before you ever take on a new client, make sure you tell them everything about working with you.

Referrals and people who find you through social media will find this page very useful. Having a mission statement clarifies what you do, where you help, and the way you help.

If you display pricing, clients are prepared for what they will have to spend, and you can avoid lowball offers and maintain your charges. On this page, you can also add a “Let’s work together” button so people can get started the moment they need what you do.

6. Contains more information

More information can be provided on a website. A pitch or Skype conversation can only contain so much information. Many persons require detailed information before making a decision. Therefore it is helpful to describe your skills/experiences in-depth on your website.

Provide more detail about your academic background, certifications, awards and job experience, hobbies, and awards. It will help fill in any gaps left by an interview and remind people you are real.

7. Increases your reach to a larger audience

If you do not have a profile on freelancing platforms, even a professional-looking and SEO-friendly site can boost traffic. Organic search can bring tons of clients to you with SEO, proper content optimization, and a great user experience (from a well-designed website).

By allowing them to find you, you can avoid the hassle of seeking them out. A great newsletter, subscriptions, and email lists can even help you establish a solid client base. Your regular clients will keep returning if you follow this method.


You can expand your business by having a website. Freelancing job platforms are not the only way to find work. To drive more traffic, generate leads, and attract more clients, you can now use advertising, promotion, social media campaigns, and email marketing.

By building a website, you can build your business rather than just take jobs! You can expand your career opportunities if you create a website or blog.